Saturday, January 7, 2012


Fashion has brutally lost another of its grande dame, the renowed stylist Nicole Crassat. 

Nicole was the editor and chief of Elle in the eighties, when the magazine's authority over fashion well exceeded that of Vogue. She has helped launch Jean-Paul Gaultier's and Azzedine Alaïa's careers, along with other top editors, namely Catherine Lardeur, Claude Brouet and Melka Tréanton. She then became a prominent Editor at Large for Elle US in the 90's. 

When it came to styling, whether one was appreciative of her work or not, no one in the industry would deny Nicole's outstanding qualities: talent, and a real styleHer creativity and rare ability to style even the most inexpensive Fashion had earned her the profund respect of her peers.

Although retired, Nicole's passion for "La fashion" remained uncorrupted, still attending Fashion week and especially Alaïa's presentations. Amongst the new designers, Nicole was appreciative of Rick Owen and Riccardo Tisci's work. 

No longer than three weeks ago, Elle photographed her as part of an article on Carine Roitfeld, who described her in her book as a "great, talented stylist". 

WWD on Nicole Crassat
La chambre syndicale de la couture annonce le décès de Madame Nicole Crassat et le lieu des obsèques:
Les obsèques auront lieu vendredi 13 janvier 2012, à 14h45, au Crématorium du Père Lachaise, 71 rue des Rondeaux, Paris 20e.
Chambre syndicale de la couture annonce has also shared the news
Valérie Toranian (ELLE) on twitter "Nicole Crassat rédactrice de mode géniale, belle, inspirée. Elle n'est plus. ELLE lui doit tant. Tristesse et gratitude forever."
Yaël Abrot (Elle) "ELLE et le monde de la Mode pleurent NICOLE CRASSAT"
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